Cooking time: 35 minutes
Texture: Moist whit socarrat

Main Ingredient: Rice (120 grams / personal serving)
Proteins 200 – 220 grams

How we cook it?

at high temperature, with rich homemade broths and using the exact amount of rice just to cover the surface of the cast iron skillet. This technique allows more absorption of flavors and achieves a double texture rice grain: a tasty al dente grain and the famous socarrat

What is socarrat?

Caramelized and slightly toasted rice grains on the bottom and sides of the cast iron skillet due to the high temperature cooking technique

What to expect?

The right amount of tasty al dente rice, rich in flavor and with socarrat


Costilla ahumada, txistorra y portobello

$ 69,000

Gamba, calamar, mejillón, almeja, costilla de cerdo y txistorra

$ 74,000

Gamba, calamar, mejillón y almeja

$ 74,000

Tinta de calamar, gamba, calamar, mejillón y almeja

$ 54,000

Berenjena, brócoli, zuchinni, zanahoria y portobello


Grilled octopus, shrimp and mussels over creamy rice with manchego cheese, crunchy quinoa and cilantro leaves

cooked in a Iberian cheeses emulsion with confit mushrooms, crispy oxtail, caramelized onions and finished with Parmigiano Reggiano and chives. Without Oxtail $64.000

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